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As Mertoglu Environmental Design Company since 1993, we are manufacturing stainless steel litter bins for indoor and outdoor, recyle bins, garden furniture, wooden and polythene playground equipments, slides, swings, indoor and outdoor benches, gazebos, shelters, outdoor fitness and sports equipments with high quality metarial and workmanship.

Our experienced Research & Development squad works in great compliance with our production units in order to maintain high standards approved with our quality certificates TSE EN 1176 1–7 for playground equipments, TSE TS 7941 for benches and Turkish Standards Instituteapproved litter bin groups of products. We also qualified for ISO 9001–2000, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 quality management system certificate with our high standards.

Our design team locates us in a totally different position in the sector with its capability to create customer–specific designs and developments in order to satisfy the customer needs as good and fast as possible.

Among our long list of customers, we have many worldwide–known hotel groups and shopping malls, military facilities, hospitals, municipalities, schools, construction companies, landscape architecture companies, resellers.

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Exclusive Litter Bins