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Our Human Resources Vision

Provide for all employees a working environment where they can best develop themselves and feel valuable.

Our Goal

Develop policies to incorporate high-performing people into our company, to ensure their development and to retain them in the company; provide equal and fair opportunities to our employees; support career development of our employees and to educate future top managers of Hunca.

Our Basic Managerial Competencie


Team Work

Innovativeness/ Openness to Change


Problem Solving/ Analytic Approach


Planning and Organization

Our Process of Selection and Placement

Eligible candidates are determined through website to identify basic/ managerial competencies and job description regarding proposed position. Our human resources department holds the initial interviews with candidates found eligible. For the candidates who are found eligible for the position and the team, the second session of interviews is performed to introduce them to the relevant department’s manager. The candidate who is evaluated as positive is appointed.

Internship in Hunca

Depending on the need and vacancy in each department, university students with required competencies, among applicants, are accepted as interns under the “Internship Program” opened in every summer. The interns can benefit from lunch and shuttle facilities also. Senior students who are found eligible according to the “Internship Program” have priority in consideration of open positions in our organization.

Career Planning

In our company, transitions between main career steps are done on the basis of the experience, training and job performance of our employees. Besides, transitions may be done between sub-career steps also in relation with specialty, technical and sales areas determined as categories.

Performance Evaluation

Our process of performance evaluation conducted on individual basis in our company is a systematic assessment process towards assessing work performance and development prospects of our employees for the future, based on objectives and competencies, focused on improving and developing. The data obtained from our performance management system constitute basis for operating the career management system; preparing training schedule on an annual basis and remuneration management. All our employees, who act as role models with their behaviors towards excellent performance and also constantly reaching success in work results, are promising for developing and progressing in our organization. In line with these objectives, performance evaluation of employees is held twice a year in Period I and II.

Training– Personal Development

Every single employee starting in Hunca goes through an orientation training to get along with her/his colleagues and adapt to the working environment. Also, behavioral and technical capabilities of all employees and the extent of achievement of their annual objectives are assessed via performance evaluation system annually. To meet these needs and ensure constant development, both internal and external training programs are carried out in line with annual plans.

Social Facilities

Various activities including picnics, New Year’s Party, Goodbye to Summer Parties, Bowling Tournaments, Tree Planting Events, Trekking and Basketball Tournaments are organized for the company staff as well as other activities held periodically by HUN-JOY activity team built by our employees. 

Career Opportunities

If you are interested in joining the Hunca Family, you can submit your application forms to the human resources ( or via website.

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