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Foundations of Kopaş Kozmetik Pazarlama A.Ş. was laid on the field of cosmetics and personal care products by our Honorary President, Pharmacist Mr. M. Adil Karaağaç in 1974. Kopaş is a company which develops cosmetics, personal care and household cleaning products, makes production in international standards without giving any harm to human health and environment, sells and ensures product availability in all channels nationwide. The extensive tests and analysis during the R&D and production stages for our personal care products which are directly related to human health are regularly applied with precision in order to protect our consumers’ trust.

We are developing many cosmetic, personal care and house cleaning products, producing them without giving any harm to people and environment, increasing their existence in many markets and selling them.

We meet the needs of consumers who want to increase their life standards with our high-quality products under strong brands both in domestic and foreign market.

We are growing in accordance with the development and needs of market.

We make all these happen with our qualified, competent, excited and happy employees by being sensitive to consumers’ needs and wishes.


Our sense of management is based on “respect for people”. We believe that national and international laws, rules and ethical values must be obeyed. Truth and honesty in all our business processes and relationships are our core values. We maintain our relationships with our employees, customers, suppliers, shareholders and other business partners on the basis of transparency, continuity, mutual trust and honesty.


We believe that the responsibility brought by the participant management is to work in force for the objectives and goals of our organization. We believe that complying diligently with our working rules is based on our respect to each other and we adhere to these ethical guidelines also in our relationships with our stakeholders.


Our main focus for the sense of quality is the customer. We aim the highest level of quality in everything we do, every product we produce and every service we offer. We ensure the customer’s loyalty by long-term, close relationships which mutually create values. We try to anticipate changing customer requirements and we try to produce fast solutions with a positive approach.


Our basic principle is “sensitivity to environment” in all our business processes and our social life. We make all the decisions in our production and service processes, by evaluating the environmental impact of the results and in a way to contribute to the socio-economic development of our society.


We respect each other, value the differences, encourage participation and create the ground for individual initiative and responsibility. We make all the decisions in our production and service processes.


Our Goal: is sustainable and profitable growth together with our employees, shareholders and customers. We renew our investments and product range according to dynamics and expectations of the market and we generate sustainable values.

Kopaş Kozmetik A.Ş.