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Uysal Hidrolik is developing technology on production The company, Uysal Hidrolik was founded in Konya in 1997. Today,
Uysal Hidrolik serves in Turkey and abroad in a field of 10.000 meter squares in KONSAN industry area with over 1.500 manufactures such as trailer revolings, lifts, rims, shafts, wheel hubs, trailer rims, trailer jack, trailer remote control handle and all kinds of equipments of vehicle bodies.
Uysal Hidrolik, which has an increasing success graph with its qualified products and technical service presented to the customer, goes on its successful development procedure in a highly professional and institutional way with its experienced and professional staff.
Uysal Hidrolik gives vital importance to the human and the responsibility to serve to human. Furthermore, they feel proud of carrying Uysal Hidrolik quality to the world and contributing to Turkiye’s economy.
Uysal Hidrolik is continuing its development by announcing its brandname to all over the world. The company, which moves with an unchanging quality perspective and whole quality management understanding from the input of raw material to the shipping of the product for years, does its best to present the best service without ignoring the quality have been strengthened by Tüv Cert, TSE, TSEK, CE and ISO certificates.
Uysal Hidrolik is catching up technologies. The company representatives follow exhibitions which domestic and international, on their respective industries and such as the machine exhibitions too. As results of those events such as exhibitions, the machinery equipments that expanded Uysal Hidrolik with latest technology machines and advanced technology new machines added to the production line.
Uysal Hidrolik is gaining with its customers together and help to increase its partners’ success. Uysal Hidrolik, which has come up to date thanks to the importance it gives to the quality, takes these steps with just a sense and does on its activities.
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